From July 25 through August 8, a special Summer Food Drive will be conducted to benefit The Marblehead Food Pantry with donation boxes at five locations. 
“Keeping the shelves of The Marblehead Food Pantry well-stocked is a special challenge from mid-July to mid-September,” explained Janet Fitch Parker, the food pantry’s director. “The bounteous amount of food that we receive at the May Postal Drive has, in good part, been used up, and significant donations don't usually start in earnest until schools open and the holidays approach.”
Donation boxes will be set up at five locations in Marblehead: 
• Crosby’s Marketplace, 118 Washington Street
• Marblehead Bank, 21 Atlantic Avenue
• The Marblehead Community Center, 10 Humphrey Street
• National Grand Bank, 91 Pleasant Street
• Shubie’s, 16 Atlantic Avenue. 
Donations can be dropped off during regular business hours.
Items especially needed during this period are 
• canned fruits and applesauce
• canned corn and peas
• canned beans (red, black, refried)
• cold cereal, oatmeal packets
• peanut butter and jelly
• spaghetti sauce
• canned chicken, sardines, salmon, other canned fish or meats
• condiments, salad dressings
• canned chili , hash, beef stew
• flour, sugar, baking mixes
• pancake mixes and syrup
• dry milk (packets)
• coffee
• snacks (crackers, cookies, granola bars, popcorn, raisins)
• toilet paper, other paper products
• bar soap, toiletries
• dish and laundry detergents
• Size 4 & 5 pull-ups for toddlers. 
Please Note: The Pantry can't accept boxes and containers that have been previously opened, or items with expired dates.
The Summer Food Drive is sponsored by The Rotary Club of Marblehead Harbor with special assistance from ElderAct of Marblehead and Swampscott. For more information, please contact Jessica Barnett, 781-639-0624 or