Scuttlebutt,  March 28, 2021
This week we have David Madeiros who is a therapist and author of A Return to Civility and a Path to Get There: An Exploration of Responsibility, Accountability, and Compassion.  Written about him and this book:  “We are experiencing one of the most openly divisive times in our country's history. How did we get here, why are we languishing here, and what can we, as individuals, do about it? The Internal Family Systems Model can provide a clear, practical, and elegant framework that we can apply to ourselves and our actions and improve the way we relate to and acknowledge the dignity and humanity of others.”

Thank you to Kathleen, Heidi, and Linda B for leading our food project.  There is much to be done and many avenues to contribute.  Kathleen has the notecards which you can purchase for $15 to support the food insecurity project and give to folks as a thank you, or a Happy Passover, or Happy Easter, etc.  This week I delivered to Lynn 5 food boxes and many articles of clothing and kitchen supplies (thanks Margaret).   

Karyn and the Paul Harris committee have shared information with members who have point counts 500 points or over.  A Paul Harris award requires 1,000 points.  Folks can combine points to add to 1,000 and award a PH.  Please communicate with Karyn or Don about your wishes.  With the PH committee the Board will suggest how many might be awarded by the club.

The Elderact via Chicki Curtis have asked for assistance with their vegetable garden at the end of Stramski Way. Vegetables from this elderact garden go to the MHD Food Pantry.  In addition to the garden we were made aware of in East Boston, there are amazing community gardens in Lynn.  As we all are becoming more free with vaccinations and the weather is getting better we might consider providing service in this way.  A future discussion.
Russell Hampton
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