Scuttlebutt July 11, 2021 
Rain, rain go away, come again some other day!  Good luck to folks who have vacation or grandchildren visiting this week.

About our meetings:  We will have zoom meetings the rest of July; meetings will begin at 7:30.  In August we will begin in-person with hybrid zoom meetings. For those of you who commute or are less able to be in person or more comfortable at home you will be accommodated.  The technology is being explored.  It will be soooo nice to see people in person. The consensus is that through August we will bring our own refreshments: coffee, tea, muffins etc.  After that we will decide.  However,
August 10th will the visit from our District Governor Terry Rezendes Curran.  She will share with us her goals for the district and her hopes for our club activities.  We may have a full breakfast that day.  Please try to be at that meeting.

We will have a “Membership meeting” September 14th.   
History: Two Marches ago Kathleen had organized a meeting to attract new members, that was the week we all shut down. We will revitalize that concept this September. 
Now: Each member will be encouraged to bring a guest to this meeting. Also we as a club will invite possible members. Possible invitees can be the superintendent, school principals, candidates for the recent town election, the head of the library, the police chief, fire chief, the religious leaders. Also included might be Dirk, Betty, the leaders of the Mariner project, folks from the Racial Justice group and town or other organization business leaders. I would like to have former Peace Corp volunteers contacted.  We can invite possible members who may have financial challenges as service members who could help bolster our service project involvement. This may include leaders of non-profit organizations such as religious leaders. 
Joan McCormick has agreed to be our speaker at this Membership meeting.  Her work embodies the idealism and realism of local, national, and international service.

This Tuesday Diane will update us on the POPS committee activities. The committee has been busy organizing, inviting, and determining ways to reduce costs so we can maximize our fundraising.

The Board of Directors will meet on zoom this Thursday.  We will have reports from the Financial and Allocations committees.  All are invited.
Please let me know your committee requests.  I have heard from a few members; we all need to provide our club with our skills and time. I will send out a spreadsheet for you all to fill in.  
Russell Hampton
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