Scuttlebutt September 19th, 2021
WOW!  What a week we had.  On Tuesday we had a wonderful membership meeting. Joan presented her impressive work helping local folks and those from Guatemala with hearing conditions. Many members and guests joined us to hear an overview of Rotary and our Rotary Club of Marblehead Harbor. Please continue to keep in touch with the guests you invited.  We have membership materials we can share when prospective members are ready.  I have asked Linda D to review the membership process with us at our Club Assembly next Tuesday.
And then we had the very successful service project at Windrush Farms.  Eleven members, spouses and friends, were joined by five Interact members.  Also there to provide service was a group of students and faculty from Landmark school.  We spread wood chips on trails, fixed paths, and cleaned the arena.  Janet Nittmann was very pleased with our participation and welcomed us back whenever we are ready. Thank you Karyn for organizing this wonderful project.
And not to be outdone, Jess and her wonderful husband Andy hosted our Anniversary picnic. In addition to the wonderful food and conversation we were treated to an excellent desert from Judith B. We were joined by friends, spouses, and potential members. 
The BOD at its recent meeting voted not to hold the Holiday POPS this year due to the uncertainty of our ability to provide a health-safe environment.  Thank you Diane for all you have done.  Keep all those files we will need them next year. We discussed other fundraising options. Top on the list is an auction that will be mostly but not exclusively art.  Please check your attic or back storeroom for a Picasso that may have been mistaken. In our club assembly meeting next weeks we will all discuss this.
As we continue on zoom and as the colder weather is coming, I am concerned that we will reduce our commitment to service.  Karyn who organized the Windrush service project had an excellent suggestion. All members organize one project rather than one member organizing all of them.  If we all take terns, we all have the opportunity to lead the club in service, our reason for being.  Suggestions for possible projects include: Beach cleaning (on our own or with other community organizations who do this on a regular basis), bringing ice melt to seniors, delivering ice cream to seniors (this is usually coordinated with the COA), working with our MHD food pantry especially around Thanksgiving time and other holidays, organizing a postal food drive (this is a national event but we can promote in our community), working with the North Shore Friends of Refugees to assist folks coming from Afghanistan, and continuing to help the Lynn Network and Salem State students we have been supporting.  At our club assembly lets discuss who might do what and what others projects folks might want to lead.
This week Kathleen has organized for Dennis King, our new MHD Police Chief to speak with us.
Congratulations to our new member Judy Gates.  She has been approved to change status from service to active membership. She will be installed at our club assembly in two weeks.
Our nominating committee will be contacting members to discuss how we can serve our club.  Please know that this is an excellent way to steer us in the future.
Russell Hampton
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