Scuttlebutt   April 5, 2021
Thanks to Judith Black for her thoughtful letter to the editor in the April Rotary magazine.   We commend Judith for taking the time and initiative to present the importance of how each of us can contribute to the safe keeping and livability of our world.

Tomorrow we are pleased to have Peter Johnson who will share with us information on Wellboring.  Peter co-founded and build EnviroLogix a biotech company focused on tests for agriculture and the environment. Wellboring has delivered safe water to more than 100 schools in Kenya, via groundwater wells, improving some 100,000 lives. Peter is a retired entrepreneur engaged in community and service activities. He is also involved in habitat for Humanity focusing on affordable housing and food security.
Your donations in any amount are welcomed to address the issue of the food insecurity that will be with us for a long time on the North Shore One of our members who regularly supports the Marblehead Food Pantry also has been feeling the need to challenge herself to be a savvy shopper by making a contribution from her "coffee can savings" that would benefit all three other local food pantries at once (SSU, Lynn/North Shore, and Chelsea). So, she decided to check out the Family Dollar Store on Canal St., Salem. The attached photo shows what $100 covered at Family Dollar (all items were carefully checked for "best if sold by" dates, and all dates were late 2021, 2022, 2023 and 2024). SSU will receive: 4 lg. pkgs. trail/fruit mix; 10 Compleat microwave meals; 3 cans Mandarin oranges, and 2 six-pks. of apple juice. The other two food pantries will each receive 2 pkgs. cereal; an 11.5 oz. cannister of coffee; 2 lg. cans chicken noodle soup; 2 cans green beans; 2 cans carrots; 1 can kidney beans; 1 can black beans; 2 family size pkgs. saffron rice; 1 can chili w/meat; 2 six-pks. raisins; 1 four-pk. apple juice; 1 container peanut butter; 1 container grape jelly. She knows she probably could have done as well at BJ's or Costco, but Family Dollar was closer, and the fellow at the register helped load everything in her car. Our club advertises that we "do service while having a good time doing it"...Our member reports she definitely had a good time filling those bags! 

From Lisa Hooper:
The Council on Aging received a grant to start a pen pal program with high school students and Marblehead seniors.  We have approximately 30 high school students interested in participating and are hoping you have members in your group who are interested.  This would start in the next week or two, letters would be hand written and there is a minimum commitment of 3 months with a social celebration in June for everyone to meet outside. (social distanced of course!)
Thank you all in advance
Linda Maffeo
Russell Hampton
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