Scuttlebutt October 10, 2021
Indigenous People Day is an opportunity for us all to be aware of those who came before us and their many contributions to our society. 
This Tuesday we will have Diane Treadwell who will speak about Co-existing with Wildlife.  Not sure how wild she will be talking about but we have been having lots of turkeys and coyotes around.  As we take more of their land learning how to co-exist is important.
The Nomination Committee is exploring who will lead us as a club next year. We all need to participate in leadership.  To encourage more members to self-nominate or to nominate other (with their permission) there is an option to share a position. For example: two members could be president and share the position either with one person running the meetings, the other doing the behind the scenes work; or another option is to split the year in half 6 months each. I have been fortunate to have a lot of support and advice from many past presidents.  I am sure that will happen for the next president.  Please contact me so I can pass information on to the committee. 

Our Holiday Event this year will be an on-line auction.  Many items can be included to be auctioned including: sports and theater tickets, art work, services, antiques, and special dinners.  Please contact Jessica with ideas and items.
We are planning to have a spring fundraising event. Details to follow.
Last week Ranjeev from the Dhulikhel Nepal Rotary Club spoke with us about their numerous activities including the ones our RCOMH have supported.  I am amazed by the many global and district grants they have been involved with and the range of issues they have helped to alleviate.
Please contact our Speakers Committee : Mike, Judith B, and Don if you have suggestions for a speaker. 
Remember to contact the folks you invited to our Membership Meeting. A personal reach out to those folks is essential to progress them toward membership. 

Russell Hampton
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