Scuttlebutt August 29th, 2021
Yea!  On Tuesday Don Doliber will be providing us with some of the highlights of his life.  I have so enjoyed getting updated on some of our members.  We have such interesting folks in our group.
We are starting our 25th anniversary year in September.  The initial events will be 1. Our membership meeting on September 14th, followed by 2. our service project at Windrush Farm on Saturday September 18th, followed by 3. Our picnic gathering to celebrate ourselves. Jess has developed a poster we all can share. 
  1. The membership meeting. We have decided to go forward with this as we meet on zoom and as all in-person activities seem to be curtailed.  We are encouraging all members to bring to our zoom meeting someone who they think would enjoy being a part of us: participating in our meetings, hearing our wonderful speakers, joining our fellowship, and participating in our service projects.  To that end please find a list of our membership names, the row beside your name that you can complete with the person or two you will be inviting to our September 14th meeting, and suggestions of people or organizations to help you choose your invitee.  The word doc is attached. (if the attachment does not work I will send it out by separate message)  I will email you a link to the same form on google drive so you can fill it out and so we do not duplicate each other.  Also attached is a letter you can send to folks you think would like to join us.  There is a place for you to put a person’s name if you choose.  After sending out the letters you may want to follow up with a phone call. 
  2. The Service project on September 18th 9-noon at Windrush Farm. As explained by Janet:  We would love help with clearing a trail (these are bridges and platforms that need sweeping and branches around the obstacles need to be removed) and the next task would be spreading some chips on our trails in the woods. Both projects would be outside.  Many thanks.    We will discuss travel plants to North Andover.  I will send out the paperwork by separate message. 
  3. A picnic at Jess’s place at 3:30 just because we need to celebrate who we are and invite others to be with us. 

Holly Jaynes has completed her POPS art work. I think it is beautiful.  I hope you do as well.  We will discuss how we might maximize sharing this art work: giclee, prints, and notecards with folks in the community and elsewhere. 
We have received generous donations for ShelterBox units to send to Haiti.  Please let me know if you would like to contribute and add to our club's donation.  The situation there will be dire for a long time with thousands without homes.
Russell Hampton
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