Scuttlebutt August 22, 2021
Lots of news:
We will be meeting on zoom from now till …..  
The September 14th Membership meeting will need to be modified and or indefinitely postponed. On Tuesday at our Club Assembly, I would like for us to discuss bringing in new members while we are on zoom.  I realize that a major part of the Rotary experience of meeting and sharing refreshments in person is missing on zoom.  However, that seems to be the way we all will be living for a while.  We still can share the camaraderie and the wonderful speakers we have on zoom.  We can create in-person, outside service projects like the Windrush Farm day, see below. We can continue to connect with organizations that we have supported.  We all want a vibrant club that has energy and commitment.  How do we keep that?
The Board discussed the POPS weekend. Options include: keeping both and hoping for the best, having only the King Hooper event since folks can move around more, or cancel the weekend events.  The Board thought we could wait till Oct 1st to make the decision.  On Tuesday I would like to hear thoughts from all our members.  
We also discussed alternative fundraising options if one or both nights of the POPS need to be cancelled. Suggestions included: 1. a raffle or robust on-line auction of Holly’s POPS art and maybe some other of her items, prints or giclees of last years art, and turkeys, pies, complete fixings for the holidays. 2. A “Stay at Home” Fundraiser. Some prizes or gifts for donations may include notecards or prints of our previous POPS art.  3. ‘Stars Bangled POPS” but not in May or June when so many other events are happening. We need to be creative especially if our POPS fundraiser is scaled down.
Our CD investment is coming due in November.  The Finance Committee is looking into alternatives which will yield have a better return on investment.
We have an Instagram account “marbleheadharborrotary”.  It will be linked to our Facebook page.  Now we all need to learn a new technology.  Thanks to Jess for all the updates on our Facebook page. 
Windrush Farm Day.  The folks there would welcome us any Saturday after Labor Day. I suggest Seotember 18th.  This will be an outdoor, in-person service project that we all can participate in.  And if you have potential members this might be a good event to invite them to.
Thanks to Mike E, Judith B, Margaret, Linda B, and Don for being on our speakers committee.  If you have a suggestion for a speaker please contact them so they can add to the schedule. Being on zoom will allow us to continue to wonderful speakers Joan, Heidi, Kathleen, and Mike E brought us last year.  
From Kathleen:  ShelterBox is in the process of doing their assessment for Haiti - they have a team on the ground working with other agencies including the Red Cross. Although they don't have a final report that addresses the need, ShelterBox is accepting donations specifically earmarked for Haiti. More than 80,000 homes were flattened in the 7.2 magnitude earthquake.  I will let you know more as I learn more but if the club wants to make a donation it will gladly be accepted.  The corona virus has stifled some of the efforts of the ShelterBox but they do plan to provide temporary shelter in Haiti.
At the Instillation many members pledged funds to support our participation in purchasing the refrigerator for the Lynn Neighborhood Food Project.  Please send your pledge to Becky as soon as you can.
Received: Thank you to the entire Rotary Club of Marblehead Harbor (Rotary District 7930) for the very generous contribution of a commercial refrigerator to the North Shore Families Together, which is an organization run by Yamile Ruiz and Nicholas Coppola. The unit will allow the organization to receive and store fresh produce and dairy items, which can be preserved for longer periods of time leading to delivery. We are truly grateful for the support and contributions from your institution. Sincerely yours, Yamila Ruiz and Nicholas Coppola for North Shore Families Together.
Big thank you to the RCOMH from Heidi, Joan, and Judy for the donation to Seaglass Village.
Russell Hampton
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