Scuttlebutt February 21, 2021
We are WONDERFUL!!!   I know you all know that. And I want to explain my updated enthusiasm for who we are.  Saturday Linda D and I sorted the clothes that had been gathered by the high school Interact members and the food gathered by others, thank you Joan M.  Linda and I estimated we will distribute $2,500 of clothing and food.  AND the board on Thursday approved a distribution from our fundraising account of $1,066 to each of the 3 locations: Salem State Food Pantry, the Lynn North Shore Families Together, and the Chelsea Collaborative.  This financial donation, in addition from being from POPS, is thanks to the very generous donation of Mike E.   Thanks also to Ina and others.   
Judy Gates’s home on Pond Street will be the drop off place for continuing food donations. I envision the food insecurity problem will be continuing for quite a while.  So, when you go to the grocery store please buy an extra bag of food to share.

The club has sent to Anchors to Windward $500 in memory of Mike Mentuck.  Mike was instrumental in our Friends Forever activities.  He took the kids out for a boat ride each year making our activities enjoyable for all. 

This week’s meeting will be a Club Assembly.  We have not discussed business for a few months.  Please let me know thoughts about what we need to address.  I will share our current financials. (we are in good shape)   The following week Dr. Steve Perlman will present on Special Olympics Special Smiles. 

FOUNDATION FACTS: This Tuesday February 23 is the anniversary day of the founding of Rotary, and February is the month when Rotarians focus on peace and ways that it can be achieved. One truth in the path to peace and understanding is that it is very difficult to achieve peace and understanding successfully when bellies are not full and, in weather-dependent climates like ours, when people are not warm. So...We, a small Rotary club, have partnered with the Marblehead Club and Interact for a modest-sized food and winter coat collection project that will benefit three "communities" north of Boston. It's not too much of a stretch to hope that the recipients of the food and coats might be more willing and able to get along better with their neighbors and begin to prosper, thus helping their families and communities to be better places for generating peace. Peace does not have to take place in faraway places, and the process can begin with small steps. Congrats to all who participated.
Russell Hampton
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