Scuttlebutt March 14th, 2021
Happy Pi day!
This Tuesday Luis will present from an international perspective what folks in other countries think about what is happening  in the US now and also about our filibuster rule and dilemma.

Today I delivered 4 boxes and 6 bags of food. Thanks to all who continue to contribute to our service project to help others with food insecurity.  It is heartwarming to do such good helping local communities.
For the past 3 evenings I have been attending North East PETS, president elect training seminars.  The first evening the highlight was seeing Shekhar Mehta President-Elect, Rotary International who comes from India.  A goal for his year as president is to increase the reach and membership of Rotary. In speaking to the president elects he said, “Our vision is to reach 1.3 million by 1st July 2022 and our plan is “Each One Bring One.” It is not a difficult task, I am sure, to bring just 1 member each in the next few months. But for this to become a reality it is YOU who will have to sharpen the focus in ensuring that the message “Each One Bring One” reaches every member in your club. I repeat, I request, “EVERY member” in your club should bring one. And I expect you to lead by example and be accountable for this growth.”  He continued, our theme for the year, is “SERVE to CHANGE LIVES.”   We can be proud that our food service project is doing that.   “One of my mantras in Rotary has always been “Do More, Grow More’. And I hope you too will take this on as your mantra. “Do More” as in bigger and impactful service projects and “Grow More” as in increasing our membership.”
Next week the three PETS evenings will focus on “Rising to the Challenge of:  "Diversity, Equity & Inclusion", “Membership—Growth & Retention” and “Engaging the Larger Community”— “Becoming Outward Looking.  Please let me know if you would like more information on any of these topics. 
Last night at PETS was “Rising to the Challenge of Public Image”.  We all know our website and FB pages need work as well as other social media and print media.  Joan had a wonderful idea about letting our communities know about our club’s collaboration with elderact and interact to help alleviate food insecurity in local communities.  We have created an intergenerational commitment and service project.  Can someone please send a first draft to me so we can get some print on this.

It is getting time to begin the scholarship application discussion.  Lee Weed, Steve Lipsky, and Cindi K anyone else? 
Russell Hampton
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