Scuttlebutt October 3rd, 2021
This coming Tuesday we have a special guest, Ranjeev from the Dhulikhel, Nepal Rotary Club.  Ranjeev is the Rotarian with whom I collaborated to put together and implement the Global Grant to Improve Access to Physical Therapy in Rural Nepal Communities.  Recently our RCOMH sent funds to the Dhulikhel Club to assist them in helping the food security concerns in Nepal.  Nepal was hit by the Covid virus to a greater extent than India, but it is a small country with less international coverage, so the extent of health and food needs are not as well known.  Keeping with the focus of our grant the food packages that were distributed by the Dhulikhel club went to folks with disabilities in rural areas.  During my 5 most recent trips to Nepal I stayed at Ranjeev’s three room hotel with views overlooking the Himalayas.  Judith Green also stayed there on our joint trip.  
The Dhulikhel Club is well connected with many other international clubs and has many global grants including assisting with schools for the blind and clean water projects.  A few years ago we sent money to their Rotaract Club to support their chicken project which brought chickens and pens to villages.
If you are connecting with folks who came to the Membership Meeting a few weeks ago, please forward this week’s zoom link.  A personal connection is the key to increasing interest in club membership.
As we discussed at our Tuesday meeting this year’s Holiday POPS event will be an auction. Many of us have already donated time or services for the auction.  Please get in touch with Jessica when you have specifics and send her a photo and information for uploading to the auction software.  Contact folks who have services, art, or sellable items to contribute to our event.
The Artist Reception also will be on-line.  More details on that later.
Assisting with food security is our ongoing service project.  Some of our members are contacting Salem State for information regarding the many students who had food security concerns last school year.  When we have more info, I will share it.  The Lynn Neighborhood Network is up and running helping local folks with refrigerated items. 
The District leadership is excited about the Global Grant about the Ipswich River.  If any of you are interested in becoming involved please let me know. 
Russell Hampton
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