A program sponsored by The Rotary Club of Marblehead Harbor to recognize the everyday good works of the youth of Marblehead

“Service Above Self”, one of the founding tenets of Rotary, is essential to making the community in which we live a better place. The idea of community service among our youth is one which The Rotary Club of Marblehead Harbor wishes to recognize and reward.
Established in 2007, Harbor Heroes recognizes Marblehead students* who demonstrate, through their actions, a sense of caring, community, and kindness. In short, these Heroes are making a difference in Marblehead. They are not necessarily the students who are at the top of their class, or the standouts in their chosen activities, but rather, they are the ones who are working to make Marblehead a better place as a community.
Bi-monthly during the school year, a “Hero” will be selected by a committee established by The Rotary Club of Marblehead Harbor. Each winner will be honored at a breakfast award ceremony with members of Rotary, and the student’s choice of a pizza party presented to his or her class or pizza gift certificate for student’s use. Winning nominees (*Marblehead residents or students attending Marblehead schools, in grades 4-12) will be those whose deeds exemplify “Service Above Self” and the tenets of the Rotary “Four Way Test”. The committee will also look for demonstrated initiative by the child that is above and beyond the expected.

Who can nominate a Hero?

Anyone other than the nominee’s immediate family; a teacher, employer, clergy, or friend, for example. You may even nominate yourself!